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The Unknown Brook Property now consists of five mineral licenses (20723M – 66 claims, 20766M – 10 claims, 20767M – 2 claims, 21051M – 4 claims and 21048M – 12 claims) totalling 94 contiguous, map-staked claims, covering a total area of 23.5 sq. km. The property is located along the eastern edge of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula on NTS map sheet 12H/10, approximately two kilometers south of the community of Pollards Point and approximately 50 kilometers north of the Trans-Canada highway along Route 420.

The Unknown Brook Property has been the site of mineral exploration for more than a century; with the first recorded instance having occurred in the late 1800’s with the discovery of what is now referred to as the West Corner Brook Showing. Since that time, the area has been the focus of geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys resulting in several significant gold discoveries, most notably the Browning Mine, which produced 149 ounces of gold in 1903. The property is host to seven reported gold showings/prospects:

1. West Corner Brook Showing                                  2. Browning Mine
3. Simms Ridge Showing                                           4. Unknown Brook Showing
5. Claim 59 Showing                                                   6. Browning West Showing
7. Freemans Showing


The Unknown Brook property is located on the eastern margin of the Humber Zone of the Appalachian Orogen. Gold mineralization is epigenetic and is associated with mesothermal-style quartz and quartz-carbonate veins that typically also contain base-metal sulphides such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite. Auriferous veins are mostly hosted by volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks of the Pollards Point Formation or by sedimentary rocks of the Simms Ridge Formation, which respectively sit west and east of a proposed structure separating the two sequences within the Sops Arm group. Alteration signatures associated with the mineralization are difficult to evaluate, but much of the sericitization and chloritization may actually be an unrelated regional feature. However, iron carbonate alteration is spatially associated with gold-bearing veins at the former Browning Mine.

Historic exploration has revealed several prospective areas, primarily the Unknown Brook Prospect, Simms Ridge Prospect, Browning Mine and Browning West Prospect.

Historic drilling reported a number of high grade drill core intercepts within the Unknown Brook prospect. Of particular interest are the results from two drill holes (listed below in meters) collared approximately 100 meters apart. Note the shallow intercepts.

Hole UB-85-01                                                            Hole UB-85-03
From 14.60 – 15.10 ….20.5 g/t                       From 30.30 – 30.70 ….47.4 g/t
From 15.10 – 15.47 ….9.8 g/t                         From 41.63 – 42.18 ….32.0 g/t
From 16.84 – 18.21 ….2.1 g/t                         From 44.60 – 45.10 ….6.0 g/t

In 2012 exploration carried out by prospector Larry Quinlan led to the discovery of a 100 meter long and 50 meters wide opened-ended soil anomaly within the Simms Ridge prospect. Soil sample values in gold up to 3375 and 1937 ppb were reported

Highlights from rock sampling carried out by Mr. Quinlan are listed below.




Sample Description

Results - Au ppb/Ag ppm

Unknown Brook

meter wide qtz vein

19,808 Au - 426 Ag

Unknown Brook

meter wide qtz veining

14,588 Au - 31 Ag

Simms Ridge

meter + wide quartz vein

26,630 Au

Simms Ridge

meter + wide quartz vein

17,893 Au


quartz/sulfide vein 5-8 cm

96,672 Au - 219 Ag


galena rich quartz vein 5-10 cm

21,690 Au - 37 Ag


sulfide rich quartz vein 5-8 cm

27,569 Au - 129 Ag

Browning West

30 cm sq. quartz vein rubble

16,565 Au






Planned work for 2013/14 includes geological mapping, geochemical sampling, trenching, airborne and ground geophysical programs and diamond drilling.




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