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Great Northern Peninsula Project

Daniel's Harbour / Round Pond
Great Northern Peninsula Project

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MVT Deposits Daniels Harbour
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The Great Northern Peninsula Project (GNP) project is located on the Great Northern Peninsula in northwestern Newfoundland. The GNP and surrounding area, host to numerous zinc sulphide prospects, are underlain by prospective carbonate rocks of the Early to early Middle Ordovician St. George Group The project is comprised of two properties, Daniels Harbour and Round Pond, and covers an area prospective for carbonate-hosted, Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) zinc deposits, akin to the former Newfoundland Zinc Mine. Approximately seven million tonnes averaging 7.8% zinc was mined from the Daniels Harbour mine located on the Daniels Harbour property. Within the Round Pond property, in 1982, an uncategorized resource estimate of approximately 400,000 tons at a grade of 2% zinc for the Round Pond prospect

Great Northern Peninsula Project
Round Pond
Daniels Harbour

The Great Northern Peninsula Project (GNP)

The Daniels Harbour property consists of 80 claims in one license (021471M)
covering an area of 20 sq. km around the former Daniels Harbour zinc mine situated approximately 10 km northeast of the town of Daniels Harbour on the west coast of Newfoundland. A paved road and secondary gravel mine roads provide excellent access within the Daniels Harbour property and the road network connects to provincial highway 430. The claims were acquired by staking and are held 100% by Ubique Minerals.

GreatNorthern Peninsula

Teck Explorations (operating as Newfoundland Zinc Mining Limited) mined approximately 7 million tonnes averaging 7.8% zinc from the Daniels Harbour mine between 1975 and 1990. The zinc deposit is classified as Mississippi Valley Type (“MVT”)
Since zinc-mineralized Mississippi Valley Type (“MVT”) carbonates were discovered in 1963, and then explored and developed by Teck, the Daniels Harbour property and region has been the subject of only limited exploration. In 2011 Messina Minerals carried out a small prospecting and mapping program. Outcropping rock samples graded up 46% zinc, while float samples graded up to 58% zinc. Numerous samples graded between 20% and 58% zinc. Mesinna Minerals recommended further exploration on a property and regional scale.

The Round Pond property is located140 kilometres northeast of the Daniels Harbour property. The project consists of two contiguous claims blocks (Licence 021473M and Licence 021475M) comprised of 14 claims, covering an area of 3.5 sq. km. The property is located near the northern end of the Great Northern Peninsula. Local ATV trails extending south and east of paved routes (Route 430 Route 432) provide excellent access to the property.

Within the Round Pond property the most advanced prospect, termed Round Pond, in 1982, Narex Ore Search Consultants reported an uncategorized resource estimate for the Round Pond deposit of approximately 400,000 tons at a grade of 2% zinc. Narex recommended that additional drilling of 10,000 feet to 20,000 feet (3,000 to 6,000 m) be undertaken to explore for extensions to the mineralized zone to the southwest and northeast; however, no additional work is reported to have been undertaken prior to the company allowing the property to lapse. Since Narex abandoned the property, the Round Pond area has been staked intermittently by independents with very limited work reported. In 2009, Buchans Minerals reviewed and compiled historic data covering the Round Pond claims but did not visit the property. Buchans Minerals recommended further work including drilling to further explore the Round Pond Deposit.

The GNP and area is prospective for ‘Mississippi Valley Type’ (“MVT”) sulphide zinc deposits. MVT lead-zinc deposits account for approximately 25% of the worlds resources of these metals. Individual MVT deposits are generally less than 2 million tonnes, are zinc-dominant, and possess grades that rarely exceed 10% (Pb+Zn). The deposits do however characteristically occur in clusters, referred to as ‘districts’. For example, the Cornwallis district in Nunavut hosts the Polaris deposit (45 Mt @ ~17.5% Pb+Zn) and approximately 80 showings. Another example is the Pine Point district in NWT which hosts the Pine Point deposit (155 Mt @ ~9% Zn+Pb), containing approximately 100 individual orebodies. Other districts may have a half-dozen to more than 300 orebodies which can contain up to several hundred million tonnes of ore scattered over hundreds of square kilometres.

Further work is recommended on both the regional scale and in property claim area. Due to the sphalerite-only nature of the Mississippi Valley Type deposits, like Daniels Harbour, they are difficult to detect with any other method other than discovery in outcrop. The majority of the zinc bodies that made up the Daniels Harbour zinc mine were discovered in outcrop. However, high resolution airborne magnetic survey data could aid in detecting favourable horizons favourable to mineralization. There remains potential in the area of the old mine workings of the historic ore bodies continuing at depth or along the favourable breccia horizon.


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